SB 100F
Exterior dimensions
45"H x 25"L x 3"
Weight 18 LB
Visual size :
24''L X 36'' H
Color: White

CPS 600    Graphic size: 11″ x 17″

Double sided steel poster frame with telescopic pole. Adjustable height between 42.5" and 62" (ground to top of the frame). Holds a standard 11" x 17" poster. Poster visible from both sides. The top-insert slot on the metal frame is 1/4" deep and is designed for quick graphic changes. The poster frame can be tilted. Powder coated Black finish.  Recommended for indoor advertising.

CPS 700    Graphic size: 12″ x 17″

Double sided poster frame 
Holds 2 posters.  
Recommended for indoor advertising.

SB 100G
Signicade Deluxe

For Coroplast or similar
Exterior dimensions
45"H x 25"L x 3"
Weight 18 LB
Visual size :
24''L X 36'' H
Color: White

CPS 150 A3 Vtex     Graphic size: 12″ x 17″ (previously CPS 100A3)

CPS 150 AA Vtex   Graphic size: 22" x 28" (previously CPS 100A3)

Snap aluminium poster frame with chrome plated stand, round base and adjustable height
between 27″ and 42″. The poster frame angle can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. Recommended for indoor advertising.
Poster not included.


Squarecade TM 45
A-shaped stand
Outside dimensions: 45” H X 25” W X 3” D
Graphic display: 24” W X 24 ” H
Weight: 18lbs
Color white


SB 100C

Narrowcade TM
A-shaped stand
Outside dimensions: 45” H x 13” W x 3” D
Graphic display: 24” H X 12” W
Weight: 11lbs
Color white

SB 100B

Econo classic
A-shaped stand
Outside dimensions: 42.75” H X 26.5 W
Graphic display: 36” H X 24 W
Weight: 11.5lbs
Color white

SB 100A
Simpo Sign II
A-shaped stand
Outside dimensions: 36”H x 24″ W 
Graphic display: 28” H X 22” W
Weight: 8lbs
Color white

CPS 500
Poster stands
Black metal sign holder stand available in 12″, 24″ and 36"
12″ designed for 24″x 48″ signs up to 1/2″ thick
24″ designed for 48″x 96″ signs up to 1/2″ thick

CPS 300
Available sizes: 8.25″, 11.5″, 24″, 36″
Table top aluminum poster holder stand.  Super effective marketing tool at a very affordable price.

No assembly required. Perfect for retail, point-of-purchase, and trade show advertising. 
Fits 5mm styrene or same thickness rigid material.

CPS 400 black

Graphic size: 48″ x 33″

Foldable, compact, yet very stable black aluminium easel stand. Perfect for sales promotions, exhibitions, presentations, and meetings. 
Comes with a durable carrying bag.
Poster not included.

CPS 250

Graphic size: 24″ x 34″
Snap aluminium frame sandwich board.  This double-sided poster frame is lightweight and posters are easy to change. Comes with two (2) protective transparent sheets to protect posters on both sides. Recommended for indoor advertising.
Posters not included.

SB 100E

Outside dimensions: 53″ H x 28.7″ W x 2.5″ D
Weight 25 LBS
Graphic display: 36″ H x 24″ W
Color grey

Poster stands

COS 110A 

Graphic size: 24″ x 36″
Weather resistant metal outdoor poster frame. Can also be used indoors. The poster swings in the wind. Fits coroplast, foam core, or any rigit material. Poster not included. Sand bags or water bags may be required in windy weather.